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The role of a northern manager is to provide leadership, supervision and organisation to the team and ensure procedures and guidelines are met.

Please see the information below to assist with your role.​

1. Guidelines and information

Please familiarise yourself with the the following documents:

2. Before the trials


  • A team budget is compiled taking into account all expenses relating to your sport such as travel, accommodation, uniforms and photographs. The team budget is to be completed in consultation with the RSSO.

  • Access the student information package in the team management spreadsheet and amend details to suit your team if necessary. The package is to be handed out to selected students at the regional trial. The information letter should indicate a return date within two (2) weeks of the trial date. Playing shirts may need to be ordered so this needs to be advised to RSSO as soon as possible.

  • Trial convenor who is usually the team coach completes a Risk Assessment form (PDF, 57 KB). If there is no coach appointed to your team then this responsibility will sit with the team manager.

3. After the trials


a)   Submit to RSSO as soon as possible collated student details on a spreadsheet provided to you from the RSSO.

  • Team management spreadsheet - you will receive a team specific spreadsheet from the RSSO.

  • The team list is to be completed showing selected students, their school and date of birth – forward an electronic copy to RSSO and the host region as soon as available (ensure name spelling is correct). 

  • Apparel/uniform orders is to be completed and forwarded to RSSO as soon as possible. Sport specific items may need to be ordered in and could take up to 6 weeks to arrive.

b)  From the returned Project Consent Form (PDF, 143 KB) received back from students, complete the QSS project consent summary (DOC, 470 KB) form detailing any variations to consent for publishing, and forward RSSO.

c)  Notify schools of cost to students so they know how much to invoice the student - use this form Student Levy Advice to Schools (XLS, 45 KB). You will need to confirm payment with schools prior to the teams departure.

d) Complete in consultation with your team coach, the team training schedule (DOC, 71 KB) and provide to your school principal and RSSO.

e)  A transfer of duties TRS reimbursement form (DOC, 270 KB) is required for you to be released from your school and for TRS to be claimed by your school. This form needs to be submitted through your principal to the regional school sport officer (RSSO) for approval. 

f)  Provide your bank account details (DOC, 83 KB) to enable a meals and administration allowance to be deposited into your bank account prior to the teams departure.

4. After the championships


a)  Complete the Financial Report detailing expenses, and return it to RSSO signed, with receipts and any unused money.

b)  Provide a team report (PDF, 10 KB) to RSSO. Please forward as soon as possible after the event as results are published to the website, and reports are tabled at NRSS management meetings.   

c) For any serious injuries, submit to NRSS an offline health and safety incident report (DOC, 711 KB).