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Financial procedures

The following information is to provide school administrative staff with a guide for dealing with financial aspects of Northern Region School Sport (NRSS) as they apply to schools.

Refund policy

NRSS levies are calculated on a cost recovery only basis according to the number of students who have indicated their attendance. Please follow the link to the refund policy (PDF, 50 KB) document.

School sport and GST

Information on OnePortal provides guidance concerning the GST treatment of representative school sport as administered through the Queensland School Sports Council, the Regional School Sports Boards, sports districts and sports specific committees, host schools, and member schools for individual students.

Student levies

Students selected to participate in a state championship sporting event will incur a levy for expenses which is payable into their school. Please follow the link to procedures for collection of student levies (PDF, 105 KB).

Students are provided with a costing and uniform order form (PDF, 38 KB) which they complete and submit to their team manager. The team manager uses this form to complete the Levy Advice to Schools (XLS, 14 KB) form which summarises all student payments.

Teacher Relief Scheme (TRS) management – Sport officials

All teachers are entitled to TRS when absent from school while performing official duties at Queensland School Sport championships or attending regional sports management meetings, unless otherwise advised. Download our Teacher Relief Scheme (TRS) procedures (PDF, 92 KB) for further information. Team Officials must submit a Transfer of Duties TRS Reimbursement Form (DOC, 270 KB) (previously Leave Application) for the relevent event.


Current State School TRS rate as from 22 January 2018 to 30 June 2018 the TRS rate is 5 Hours (1 day) = $383.29 (salary) + on-costs 17.6493% = $450.94+ GST (10%) $45.09 = $496.03 GST inc per day.

Due to the EB it will change again around 1/7/18 by 2.5%.

As from 01 July 2018 the TRS rate is

5 Hours (1 day) = $392.87 (salary) + on-costs 17.6493% = $462.21 + GST (10%) $46.22= $508.43 GST inc per day.


Sport Districts and Sports Specific Committees - Affiliation


Affiliated sports in the representative school sport program are managed by a committee of teachers who oversee state championships and state teams.  Each region consists of a number of small district clusters of schools (Districts).  Each district contains a number of schools and is governed by a committee made up of representatives from each Member school.


It is current practice that each of the participating schools “hosts” the Committee finances for a period of time, by rotation.  The finances are managed through the Host school’s accounting system, making use of the school’s ABN and GST registration.  The sporting transactions are separated from the school’s other operations by the use of a dedicated cost centre.


Summary of processes flowchart



A flowchart of processes (PDF, 37 KB) is available for your convenience.